February 23, 2010

Work Completed: The Story of the Chupacabra

This is an embroidery project done for my Dark Side class. The project was about monsters. I felt really weird about making up a monster just for the sake of making one up, so I focused on one that I already knew about...the chupacabra (sucks the blood out of goats, kills all sorts of livestock, scares the hell out of Puerto Ricans...and people from Texas and Maine apparently). I focused more on the way that stories like this one get passed down and tried to bring that into the final as many ways as I could:

The Story of the Chupacabra by you. Back by you.

The goat became the focus because it was about the story through the only thing left behind by the chupacabra, its victim. The surrounding information are other elements that surround the myth of the chupacabra.